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Training a Puppy


Are you looking for a fun environment to train with your dog? Do you want your dog to learn to focus on you around distractions and other dogs? We offer a variety of training classes to suit busy lifestyles and help owners and dogs reach their full potential.  

Training Classes help establish good behaviour in puppies, adolescent and adult dogs. Having a qualified dog training professional on hand to share tips and tricks on the best way to train your dog can benefit your relationship with your dog by creating a line of communication. We train using rewards making learning enjoyable for both parties and our small class sizes means you get the individual support you need.


Why Choose Training Classes?

  • Helps build your dog's confidence

  • Helps creates a stronger bond between you and your dog

  • Training helps to reduce unwanted behaviour

  • Learn to work around other dogs and people

  • Classes can take place indoors, or outdoors depending on the venue

  • We use only fun reward-based training methods.​ 

What to expect:

Step 1. Book on to one of our courses

Step 2. Attend weekly sessions

Step 3. Learn new skills

Step 4. Graduate classes

Step 5. Enjoy a well-behaved dog

Really friendly service and great with our dogs, Gillian has been a huge help to us. I would defiantly recommend her.

Alex Gill




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