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Why Choose Us

Cats are creatures of habit that struggle to cope with changes in their environment and routine.

At Tickly Paws Pet Care we understand cats feel most comfortable in their own environment. That's why our cat sitting service is the ideal alternative to a cattery; allowing them to be at home in the comfort they deserve.

  • No more struggles trying to get your cat into the carrier

  • No stress of transporting to the cattery or relying on friends and family to provide care

  • Flexibility with how many visits required per day

  • We provide a feeding and litter tray cleaning service when you can't be there

  • Affection and play is always provided

  • Happy to follow any dietary requirements, including raw diets

  • Daily health check to identify any issues

  • Proficient at administering medication 

  • Peace of mind that your home is checked daily

  • Regular updates and photos

  • Unmarked vehicle for discreet visits

  • Free secure key holding service

  • Fully insured and DBS checked


Image by Erik-Jan Leusink

30 Minutes Visit - £10

Pop in visit to cover the basics, feeding and litter change  

Image by Milada Vigerova

45 Minutes Visit - £13

A longer visit to facilitate playtime, medication and grooming

Image by Raul Varzar

60 Minutes Visit - £16

Ideal for groups of 4+ cats & kittens that need more attention

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